Never underestimate the power of texture and pattern, both play an important role in drawing the elements of a room together and making it a welcoming space.  Ensuring a visual balance of pattern and texture is key to success!

Bold, busy patterns can be disorientating, so use them carefully within your home. Smaller rooms such as downstairs cloakrooms, can be a great space to go all out with some fun and funky wallpaper.

Selecting patterns is the most instant way of determining your interior style.  Your choice of fabric or wallpaper will provide the colour, design and style basis for the whole room.

If you are looking to achieve an impression of high ceilings, then choose wallpapers and fabrics with a vertical design. If you’re looking to lengthen a room, then opt for horizontal patterns.

Heavily patterned designs will visually draw a room in, whereas less dense patterns will reduce this optical effect.

To disguise imperfections in walls, non-geometric patterned wallpaper will distract the eye from what’s really going on!

Texture and pattern can be cleverly used to manipulate your interior. Celebrate areas of interest with the use of pattern and texture to draw the eye to particular interior features.

Kids are constantly searching for new visual stimulation, in a sub-conscience bid to learn all they can about their environment. Fulfill their natural desire for exciting surroundings, by including stimulating patterns and textures in their bedrooms and playrooms.

Opting for a large repeat patterned wallpaper will make a room seem smaller, so use large patterns on large areas and smaller patterns on smaller walls.

Now that you’ve read this master class on texture and pattern, you’re all set to revamp your home. Skinners of Tunbridge Wells stock over 1500 fabric and wallpaper books and the team here are ready and waiting to help you achieve your interior dreams.

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