The first signs that you were probably born to be an interior designer, are a clear scatter-cushion strategy (there is no such thing as randomly arranged cushions!) a scented candle collection and bookshelves arranged in colour order. Other signs include......

1. Pinterest is your best friend and knows you so well, that it suggests Pins that you might like and they are all interiors..... bathroom ideas, kitchen tiles, mood lighting etc etc

2. You partner is no longer surprised to come home and find the sitting room painted in yet another shade of grey. The last shade just wasn’t quite right!

3. You rearrange your arty/interiors books (most of which had never been read) on your console table, every two weeks to reflect your current creative mood.

4. You Instagram 20 times a day and your posts are all inspired by interiors. Nothing thrills you more that seeing contrasting materials working together, such as concrete and brass or wood and steel, used in new and exciting ways.

5.You are constantly rearranging furniture, with your other half left confused as to where their favourite chair is, only to discover that it’s tucked away in the garage. The kids are equally flustered, as they simply can’t find any of their stuff. Clutter and kids artwork just doesn’t go with the scheme.

If you relate to at least 3 of these criteria, maybe it’s time for a career change!

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