Selling you house?  Read my blog on dressing an empty house use those tips along with the following pointers.

It is worth investing money to achieve your maximum price.   If any rooms are looking really tired re decorate.  Buy some new accessories to brighten up your home, cushions and lamps are always a good bet and can change the whole look of a room.

De Clutter!   No one wants to see your personal clutter.  

Kitchen, leave the work surfaces as clear as possible, always have fresh flowers displayed in the kitchen and sitting room.  

Sitting Room, put the remotes away, light a candle, always plump up the cushions. No newspapers lying around.

Bedroom, put away all your clothes and shoes if you don't have much storage invest in a large basket for your shoes and boots.  

Bathroom put away all the everyday toiletries, buy some attractive bottles of oils and shower gels and display them.   NO dressing gowns on the back of the bathroom door!    

Children's bedrooms if possible tidy up their toys, put them into a toy box.  

If you have animals put away all their toys and if possible put their beds away for the viewing.


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